M42 A New Spin On Publishing

In June of 2010, Orion Learning International, Inc., launched a new publishing arm  simply named M42.

M42 recognizes that publishing goes far beyond books, DVD’s and CD’s to include all forms of media.  This includes, eBooks, Kindle, flip-PDF’s as well as iTunes, Android and Mobile 7 formats.  We will explore emerging Software that performs text to voice conversions.   We seek Smartphone technology that supports the thoughts, feelings and images of creative individuals that facilitate creating collective music from non-musicians.

M42 is more than a working experiment although it is still an experiment.  As the world of technology morphs, so will M42.

Named for the Orion Nebula (M42), it  is a place in the universe where stars are born.  Like the stars in the night sky, where these gaseous giants spawn new forms of life and creations, the mission of M42 is to provide the same fuel and spark for artists and authors.  A place where stars are born.

M42 will publish between 12-24 new works a year and unlimited downloadable works of art from writers, artists, photographers and musicians.  Believing the software is also an art form, we will begin to explore software titles in 2011.

Since beginning in July, we have five books in process.


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